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      農夫山泉插畫師 (1).jpg

      農夫山泉插畫師 (2).jpg

      農夫山泉插畫師 (3).jpg

      農夫山泉插畫師 (4).jpg

      農夫山泉插畫師 (5).jpg

      農夫山泉插畫師 (6).jpg







      As a new favorite in the current design industry, the commercial value created by illustration cannot be compared with the illustration we have known before. In the domestic nongfu spring brand and illustration business cognition is a relatively early enterprise, is also one of the earliest taste brand sweet enterprise. Presumably we are familiar with the farmer's series of products, in fact, the use of illustration in the field of packaging design is not very fresh play, but because of the power of the Internet will be different styles of illustration works quickly pushed to everyone's eyeball range, and quickly outbreak of its brand value. This is unparalleled in any era.


      Today I want to show you is the farmer's British illustrator works, I believe there are a lot of people usually can not see. This illustrator is good at combining different elements and materials in some interesting ways to form a special visual sense, which is similar to the deconstruction and reorganization in the basic discipline of graphic design. In particular, the illustrator was deeply influenced by medical anatomy long ago, which directly influenced his future creation style, that is, the illustration style we are going to see today. It is worth believing that in the era of infinite openness and inclusiveness, the existence of any kind of artistic style will be recognized to varying degrees, which is the best era for every art creator!