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      01酒水飲料類【有高端蘋果汁設計】 (43)11.jpg

      02酒水飲料類【有高端蘋果汁設計】 (42)11.jpg

      03酒水飲料類【有高端蘋果汁設計】 (38)11.jpg

      04酒水飲料類【有高端蘋果汁設計】 (40)11.jpg

      酒水飲料類【有高端蘋果汁設計】 (30)11.jpg

      酒水飲料類【有高端蘋果汁設計】 (37)11.jpg

      酒水飲料類【有高端蘋果汁設計】 (39)11.jpg

      酒水飲料類【有高端蘋果汁設計】 (41)11.jpg

      酒水飲料類【有高端蘋果汁設計】 (44)11.jpg

      酒水飲料類【有高端蘋果汁設計】 (45)11.jpg





      As I mentioned before, it's a specialty product.First of all, the quality of the product itself is the most important, which determines how far we can go;This is the brand image of the whole product packaging, good packaging image is to promote product sales.If the quality of the product itself is very bad, and make a very beautiful packaging to foil, so not only go short and will accelerate the apoptosis of the product brand;This is through the packaging in a lie, which makes consumers even more disgusted and unforgivable.Such examples are very common in China, for example, many apple cider vinegar brands in China are 90% made by adding chemical ingredients, and there is very little real apple juice.

      The consumer is not a fool, as the consciousness of compatriots rises gradually.Such a brand early death will be eliminated one by one in China, do products, especially do agricultural products you can temporarily do not pay attention to the brand but must ensure the quality and quality, this is not only for the enterprise can go longer, the most important thing is that you are engaged in the conscience of the industry is to send things to others belly industry.How can we fail to live up to consumers' trust in our health?Of course, in recent years, there have been a number of domestic brands that attach great importance to product quality. Although they are very young, they will be the backbone of China's future food industry.Looking forward to the future of China's food enterprises are the quality and brand inside and outside the repair of excellent enterprises.